Summer 2011 resolution

It is HOT here in New York!!! Summer has jumped in with full force without giving a spring any chance, as always. So here is my resolution(s) for this summer, starting tomorrow, June1st:
1) Loose 10 lb. And get toned all around, especially my stomach.
2) Fill my Etsy shop with 100 fabrics.
3) Blog everyday.

I put it all in this post for the purpose of actually doing it. Now it is officially announced, I have no other choice but to make it happen. Wish me luck!

Also, wanted to share with you pretty awesome chairs I found on Etsy. Aren't they just adorable?? They sing HAPPY SUMMER to me! :)))


I am back!

Oh, wow, it has been a loooooong while since I blogged, for a dozen of reasons: I took a break from my intensive fabric design, put my Etsy shop on hold, and cared for my kids with never-ending colds and ear infections, I also did things around the house that I needed my attention. Oh, I also went on a GREAT, desperately-needed vacation - Jamaica!!! Ya Man!!
 So now that I am back, and the winter colds and sniffles are gone, and my kids are well enough to attend daycare, I can finally DO things. Things that have been neglected for some time now... Like various closets and storage organization, backyard garden prep, window treatments for my living room and the most dreaded.... re-painting of the exterior staircase railing. And as if this task wasn't time-consuming and extremely boring enough, our railing is very intricate with swirls and twisted rods making up diamond pattern...ogghhh... The paint was selected and purchased LAST year, but I must admit after testing a very small portion and realizing that it would take hours and hours of painting,  I dragged this out as long as I could.... till now. I have to face the beast. I cannot wait any longer or otherwise the paint will go bad. So I have decided to break this up into segments. I will dedicate 1-2 hours everyday to finish this project.And I'll report here my results.

On a brighter note, I have a couple of new fabric designs I wanted to share:

This is what I have been working on today: Fishing Theme! The real question is who is fishing whom?

And these are the once I was able to create really quick in the last month: Ice Cream ( appropriate for upcoming summer, right?)

And my first take on the Black & White theme: Gentleman's Necessities

I am currently waiting for the sample to arrive, then I will make them available in my Etsy shop.
Tomorrow is Saturday, and hopefully we will make it to the HomeDepot to get something I can plant in my garden. After really hard work of turning the soil and digging up boulders and concrete pieces of varying size left there by our lovely contractors, it is time to actually do the fun part! My daughter cannot wait!! ;))
Happy weekend!