Curtains for Kids Rooms and Nurseries

Why have them?
Of course there is a number of reasons why people hang draperies on their windows.To add lived-in look, coziness, add a splash of color and privacy. But when it comes to the nursery/kids room, the number one reason for me is to make the room dark enough during the nap times. It's the first thing I ask when someone talks about a difficulty of putting their child to sleep. 
Daylight is the enemy of naps. My children  are 6 and 5 now, and they still nap on weekends. And I know, it is partially due to darkened rooms. 
And partly because I said so.

Lining - do I need one?
So we have established that window treatments are a must in kids rooms. Now, why do you need to have a lining for curtains? Lining can help with the structure, fabric draping, sun fading, insulation, sound barrier and sunlight blockage. Now, If you have separate shades, plastic or wooden, then you probably can get away with a regular lining for your curtains. But if the curtains are the only window dressing in your nursery, then I would recommend black out lining. Wonderful invention - offers 100% privacy ( which probably would not hurt in a master bedroom either) and complete sunlight blockage. You may even use a small nightlight, that's how dark the room will be if you opt out for black out lining. Your little one will fly away to Sleepyland with no problems, in a darkened, quite room like that.

Hanging method
Again, many many options here. My favorite for kids rooms are:

- Simple Rod pocket
- Clip rings on a rod
- Ties

Here are some example of good window treatments.

Tall, graphical drapes work really well here. Simple rod pocket.
Another example of well chosen curtains, in this case, for a closet. Great fabric design, length and a clean concealed rod pocket.

via Pinterest
Bold, bright, eclectic - drapes here make the room. Clips rings on a rod.

So sweet and tender, these curtains sing "newborn is here". Notice a roll of blackout shade on on the back.This way you can enjoy the see through sheer of sweet white curtains, and have the darkness when necessary.

Another great way to dress windows. Add blackout lining to this, and you are set.

Awesome drapes! I am a fan of bold stripes, and the contrasting trim just adds that special something. Note the length here. This is ideal - from top to all the way down. Love it!

And here, you can see what I meant by "chopped curtains". 
I really really DON'T like this way of hanging curtains! Notice the rod placement - such an odd spot! It just sort of cuts through the window frame... I just want to reach and pull it up up up! 
The curtains could have been cute if they were full length, but chopped like this?..hmmm: no-no in my book.

Aren't these curtain tie backs are adorable??! So stylish and cool for a Nautical theme room!

Tips for awesome window curtains
 Please don't chop your curtains to the length of the window! The room will look SO much better and more elegant if you hang your curtains a few inches below ceiling and go all the way down, so the drapes barely touch the floor. It will make ceilings and windows look higher, and the visual composition will be proportional and well balanced.

If your room is full of bright, colorful patterns + colored walls  - aim either for solid/ textured drapes or very small,tiny pattern that reads as solid from afar. This way you unify the color scheme and not overwhelm it visually. 
If your room is pretty simple, calm with neutral wall color - you can make a statement with bold, graphical draperies, in bright, contrast colors.

Matching curtains to the bedspread is in the past. Better to use similar and /or complimentary colors for all textiles in the room.

Curtains and accessories for kids room don't have to be super cute, over the top cuddly, fluffy and cartoonish, in order to be appropriate. There are so many well designed playrooms and nurseries that use sophisticated color palettes, patterns and textures, stylish artwork and elegant accessories. The rooms still look kid friendly and cozy, plus they grow along with a children.


Little soft plush birdy told me...

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New Coordinates for organic fabrics!

I have been working on creating fun coordinate fabrics to go well with my 12 Organic Fabrics that currently are the most popular for bedding. Now, you will be able to create a complete bedding set without looking for a matching pillowcase or any additional accent fabrics elsewhere. Although these are not organics, they are created with non-toxic inks and not anywhere, but here in the USA!

Starting with our favorite for little boys - Gentlemen's Necessities fabric. This year it is such trend to pair black/white with mint. I agree, It looks fresh and fun!

Next one is - Sport Puzzle. Try finding something nice for a boy these days...sports especially. Everything looks as if a sport store warehouse exploded - balls and rackets and whatnot are flying all over in a chaotic manner... And the colors!? Ugh...Sorry...it is just...not for my taste. But I won't judge you if you like that kinda staff. For those that prefer clean lines, subtle sport theme reference and color scheme that's under control, please proceed to my store and stock up on the following:

Another collection would make a good looking bedding for a boy:
Tractrors in Blue/Green and Grey/Green has already been available for a while, now coordinating color Tractor Tracks will join them to create this modern interchangeable Mix-n-Match group! 

Up next - ever favorite - Mustaches!
Grey pairs so well with mustard, and it works equally great for boys and girls!
If you cannot get enough of the mustache mania - this is the option for you!

Hope you liked the new guys! To purchase, please visit my Etsy shop
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Drawings come to life and become softies!

I already mentioned this on my Facebook page and just wanted to quickly share a bit more info about our newly added service: Making 3-D toys from your child's drawing. My mom is the genius behind this work and she LOVES it! 
Each toys is individual of course, there is no knowing in advance what materials she will have to use, once the order comes in, she goes on a hunt for the right fabrics, clean scraps, strings, trim, felt, buttons, rope, she even make use of old baby clothes ( because they are so soft and yummy!). So this is a GREAT way to upcycle and re-use INSTEAD of tossing. 

Very eco-friendly business if you ask me.

Here is another example of what I am talking about :

I am amazed at my mom's precision, she really tries to replicate the drawing to the tiniest details.
Imagine the expression on a child's face when they see their drawing came to life! My son was so surprised when I brought this out, he said "Oh!! I love him!" 
And hugged him tight. Oh....

Order your today and share your story!


Re-caulking a shower

Did you know that between designing fabrics, raising kids and making dinners, I also re-caulk showers?
Oh well, you gotta do what you gotta do!
Simple mix of water+bleach, 1:1 proportion.Scrub with this, and for especially dark grout lines, make paper towel strips soaked in the same mix, and leave them on top of stains for 10-15 min.
Once you cleaned all the gunk, remove loose caulking and re-apply new. Let set, no water for 24 hours.

HINT: Clear caulk is so much more forgiving than white. Even if you mess up, it won't be so visible!

 I also used masking tape to make the caulk go on straight and even. Just like you would with paint. Just make sure you remove the tape right away before caulk attaches to it.


How to patch up kids pair of jeans, in a fun way!

Have you had a kid come back from school with a hole in his/her jeans? Of course, you have.
Me too.  Before tossing them, I quickly looked online for other options and found a great post on mending a wardrobe. 
Here is my process of mending a pair of my son's jeans:

I kinda like it...


Color I love right now - Cobalt Blue

Lately, I've been noticing this color everywhere... So rich, deep and simply magical....

 From left to right: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.


Eco Friendly way to ship your goodies!

If you ever ordered from NewMomDesigns, you'd notice that we use eco-friendly, biodegradable mailers to ship our fabric.
Eco-enclose is the company I use, and I absolutely love their product, their website and all they stand for.
I have just found out that they will be discontinuing  these mailers due to increased production costs, but NEW improved mailers, made from 100% ( what??) recycled material will replace them!

These are now on clearance sale 40% off !

Soon to be replaced with these:
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During my last order of mailers, I found this sweet little note on my packing slip:

Talk about customer service - one little detail goes a long way!


1 Bed- 3 Looks - 3 Ways to style a bed for a little girl

1. Bright & Bold
Organic Duvet+Pillow Sham with Chartreuse leaves & birds from NewMomDesigns
Accent pillow cover with Large Coral chevron from NewMomdesigns
Trellis Sheet and Pillowcase in black/whitefrom Overstock.com

This is fun and cheerful color combination is suitable for a chatty, bubbly girl like my daughter. She loves color and all things nature! Colorful bedding looks especially bright and yammy on the white background. Add a few additional pops of color, like this Red Chair that doubles a side table. For artwork, you can simply tape your child's drawings with washi tape like this on the wall behind the bed to personalize the space even further.

 2. Lovely & Charming
Organic Duvet with Bullfinches from NewMomdesigns
Organic Pillow sham with mustaches from NewMomDesigns
Sheet made from "dearStella" fabric available at major fabric stores

This is for a shy, romantic girl. She is feminine and almost fairy like, with a quiet sophistication, but not without a sense of humor!
Style it with detailed objects, decorative details...This calls for things lacquered, antiqued, glossy with signs of patina, like an old handheld mirror and a jewelry/ music box.

3. Subtle Safari
Organic Duvet cover + Pillow sham with Happy Hippos from NewMomDesigns
Pillowcase made from "dearStella" fabric available at major fabric stores
Accent pillow cover with  Pink Delicate chevron from  NewMomDesigns

Your child loves African animals and trips to the zoo? You don't have to paint her room green and brown, and buy a bunch of stuffed lions and elephants. Jungle theme room can subtle and tasteful, and YES, it can be done for a girl! Pair the safari colors with soft pinks and peach and oranges for a summery, warm color palette. To style this bedding, you can pick up a bamboo side table or a tray at your local thrift store, get a couple simple wall decals like these, maybe a modern lamp - that's all you need to convey the theme.


Organic Vest for your little gentlemen!

Remember my fabric "Gentlemen s Necessities?"

Well, I am so excited to introduce my new product made out of it: Reversible Vest for boys!

And guess to who totally rocked it while modeling for my photo shoot? None other than my own little gentleman , my son Alan. He had such cute faces on every photo, I had a hard time selecting just a couple for my shop...

Now, if you subscribe to our newsletter, you can get a free shipping on any item in my shop, including this organic reversible boys vest, or should I say, Gentlemen's vest?


Kids artwork display...continued

As you already know from my previous post, my daughter loves to draw. She has an enormous amount of drawings, watercolors, collages and doodles. Of course, once in a while I have to go through her drawer and sort, and when I do, I always feel sad to toss some, and I feel sad for keepers, because there is no way to display them all. And these "masterpieces" are really good and fresh, and truly original.
So I wanted to share with you some ways to introduce your child's artwork into your life:

1. The simplest one - FRAME IT and call it abstract work. I discussed it here along with pictures:

2. CUTOUTS - appropriate for those who like to color.
Here is what I did from my daughter's coloring: cut out the shapes, animals or whatever your child has colored, paste onto a white foam board, Optional: select a few of the pieces and paste onto thick card-stock first ( i used cereal boxes or something like that) , then onto foam blocks. This way you will have more dimensional art...

3. Hang them on IKEA curtain rods on a white wall ( in corridor OR inside the kids room) This method will work for all those crafty thingies they bring home from Day care or pre-K.

4. Make a textile of doodles - can simply enlarge your child's doodles, and trace with a fabric marker onto a duvet, pillowcase, or a sheet. Maybe curtains even... I wanted to do this for soooo long!

5. This is my latest find and I love it! Make KEYCHAIN from your child's artwork. I guess you could also print your doodles onto a mug, mouse pad, tray, etc in order to preserve kids artwork without the actual papers laying around. Cool!

Do you have a favorite way to display your child's artwork? Please share in comments!


Painted Ceiling

My daughter's room desperately needs a makeover!
When we moved in into our freshly renovated house, she was a under 2 year old, and LOVED to draw.
So when I was too busy being pregnant, nesting and unpacking boxes and organizing our stuff, she would draw on walls with a ballpoint pen. She managed to be pretty sneaky about it, and i missed to noticed it for a while... Anyways, between her drawings and greasy fingerprints I decided it was best to leave the walls as is and some time later just paint the whole room again.

Now this time has come and I cannot take it anymore.

I NEED to paint her room. Hence the makeover.

I was considering the new color, but after a while I realized, I am really drawn to white-walls- nurseries and kids rooms. Still I wanted a punch of color somewhere, and yesterday while browsing Pinterest I saw this:

I just loved the simplicity and neatness of this room. But notice how the walls are pretty quiet, while the CEILING gives the color punch. This is what I want now: white walls & colored ceiling.

My daughter requested color yellow for her room walls, but I am sure she will love seeing it up there instead.
It will look something like this:

Here are some more cool spaces where ceiling brings the A game:

( Love the colors and modern, Scandinavian inspired pattern)

( Very elegant and classic)

( How cool is that?!! Ceiling in the smoking area)

( Soft and barely there...but it does the trick)

Source: houzz.com via Shannon on Pinterest

( Black is not easy to pull off and it scares many people with its boldness, but when done right, can be quite dramatic and exquisite)

Would you paint your ceiling some color other than white?