Little soft plush birdy told me...

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That's our brand new item at NewMomDesigns shop. Who doesn't like soft, plush birds perched on their bed?


New Coordinates for organic fabrics!

I have been working on creating fun coordinate fabrics to go well with my 12 Organic Fabrics that currently are the most popular for bedding. Now, you will be able to create a complete bedding set without looking for a matching pillowcase or any additional accent fabrics elsewhere. Although these are not organics, they are created with non-toxic inks and not anywhere, but here in the USA!

Starting with our favorite for little boys - Gentlemen's Necessities fabric. This year it is such trend to pair black/white with mint. I agree, It looks fresh and fun!

Next one is - Sport Puzzle. Try finding something nice for a boy these days...sports especially. Everything looks as if a sport store warehouse exploded - balls and rackets and whatnot are flying all over in a chaotic manner... And the colors!? Ugh...Sorry...it is just...not for my taste. But I won't judge you if you like that kinda staff. For those that prefer clean lines, subtle sport theme reference and color scheme that's under control, please proceed to my store and stock up on the following:

Another collection would make a good looking bedding for a boy:
Tractrors in Blue/Green and Grey/Green has already been available for a while, now coordinating color Tractor Tracks will join them to create this modern interchangeable Mix-n-Match group! 

Up next - ever favorite - Mustaches!
Grey pairs so well with mustard, and it works equally great for boys and girls!
If you cannot get enough of the mustache mania - this is the option for you!

Hope you liked the new guys! To purchase, please visit my Etsy shop
Check back my blog for more upcoming coordinates AND completely NEW designs for baby blankets!.


Drawings come to life and become softies!

I already mentioned this on my Facebook page and just wanted to quickly share a bit more info about our newly added service: Making 3-D toys from your child's drawing. My mom is the genius behind this work and she LOVES it! 
Each toys is individual of course, there is no knowing in advance what materials she will have to use, once the order comes in, she goes on a hunt for the right fabrics, clean scraps, strings, trim, felt, buttons, rope, she even make use of old baby clothes ( because they are so soft and yummy!). So this is a GREAT way to upcycle and re-use INSTEAD of tossing. 

Very eco-friendly business if you ask me.

Here is another example of what I am talking about :

I am amazed at my mom's precision, she really tries to replicate the drawing to the tiniest details.
Imagine the expression on a child's face when they see their drawing came to life! My son was so surprised when I brought this out, he said "Oh!! I love him!" 
And hugged him tight. Oh....

Order your today and share your story!


Re-caulking a shower

Did you know that between designing fabrics, raising kids and making dinners, I also re-caulk showers?
Oh well, you gotta do what you gotta do!
Simple mix of water+bleach, 1:1 proportion.Scrub with this, and for especially dark grout lines, make paper towel strips soaked in the same mix, and leave them on top of stains for 10-15 min.
Once you cleaned all the gunk, remove loose caulking and re-apply new. Let set, no water for 24 hours.

HINT: Clear caulk is so much more forgiving than white. Even if you mess up, it won't be so visible!

 I also used masking tape to make the caulk go on straight and even. Just like you would with paint. Just make sure you remove the tape right away before caulk attaches to it.