Turkey Meatball Soup

The summer so far has been kind to us. Its hot, but not humid,with a nice breeze. And after all the BBQ's and grilled steaks on the weekend, I crave something light, delicious and nourishing...

Turkey Meatball Soup fits the bill.

This is how I make it:

Turkey - around 3/4-1 lb
1 Large carrot
2 Med. onions 
2-3 potatoes
1-2 stalks celery
1-2 cloves of garlic
Salt, pepper

  1. Put a pot with water on the stove to boil
  2. Grind your turkey + 1 onion + garlic, add salt, pepper to taste
  3. Once the water comes to a boil, start forming small turkey balls, around 1" dia, and add as you go to the the boiling water. Reduce heat to med so its simmering nicely during this process.
  4. If you have any scum rising to the top, remove it with a spoon, until you have a clear broth.
  5. Add stalks of celery, peeled carrot, 1 halved onion, circled potatoes ( circled potatoes are potatoes diced into circles for my kids-  you can do it the grown up style - "quartered")
  6. Add salt, pepper, bay leaf ( optional) and finely chopped fresh herbs of your preference. I like dill+cilantro, my classic version.
  7. Reduce heat to low and cover partially with a lid. Leave for 30-40 min.

Voila! You have just made a delicious, light, healthy soup from scratch!

You can also add cooked rice, or small pasta directly to the serving bowl, to beef it up a little. But that's totally optional.

I hope you are proud of yourself.



DIY Facial Mask that fights pimples

Did you know that a good facial mask does not necessarily require a trip to the salon?
Just 2 ingredients that I guarantee you have in your kitchen, can help you dramatically improve your facial skin.



It comes together so easy!!

Simply grind some oatmeal into a powder. ( I used my NutriBullet.)
Separate the yolk from the egg white. ( Discard the yolk or use it the custard cream)
Beat the egg white with a folk until foamy.
Add 1-2teaspoons of oatmeal powder to the egg white, until you make a mass resembling baby food. The consistency is up to you - it should be easy to apply to a face. ( I ended up with 2 spoonfuls  per 1 egg white)
This masks will help to fight skin inflamation and nourish it with nutrients it needs. I love the fact that it contains no chemicals and is completely natural.

Still, you will most likely have too much of the stuff, so share it with your friend, mom, sister!

After applying it your clean face, wait 10 min, than rinse. I find it easier to use paper towel to remove.

Apply moisturizer. Best if used 2x week.

My skin felt velvety and smooth all day..I am not kidding!

Try it today and tell me if you liked it in the comments below!


Swaddling Memoirs

There was a moment at the hospital I remember so clear like it was yesterday.The visiting hours were over and I was in a room by myself with a tiny baby in a clear shoebox-like container next to my bed.

While she was peacefully sleeping, I had a mini tsunami of emotions swirling in my gut.

 It was a mixture of excitement, relief, happiness and fear - all melted in one big pot of soup.

Do I pick her up?

But why? She is sleeping..

But why not??? I want to hold her!

What if I break her? What if she cries and I wont be able to sooth her?

Now how do I pick her up..? Uhhhmmm...

I could not imagine that a few months later, I would be able juggle three hundreds things simultaneously with a baby propped on my hip.

And to help me get there I will forever be grateful to one person - my mom.

She was there almost everyday  and she taught me everything. First and foremost - SWADDLING!

Thank you , thank you, thank you - goes to the large squarish cotton sheet we call swaddling blanket!
Thank you for gently embarrassing my baby in your soft, cozy layers. Thank you for your great artistry of re-creating that safe, little space she called home for 9 months, thank you for soothing her in your breathable comforting cocoon.

Once I mastered the technique of swaddling, which my dear mom has faithfully kept in her memory for 26 years, just so she could pass it on to me, my life has gotten so much better!
I learned , in a few swift moves, to turn the screaming, cranky, so-want-to-sleep-but-I-can't baby, into a quiet little burrito, snoozing away into a sweet sleeping babyland....Aaaah!

Now, whenever I see a kicking and screaming tiny little baby, a couple months old, and trying so hard to fall asleep in his/her designer little onesie...I think to myself: :I could wrap that little thing into a nice sleeping bundle like a pro!"

"So what is this magic swaddling blanket you are talking about?" - you ask me.

Well, it is just a simple large sheet of fabric.

BUT... there are some rules:

  •  It must be natural fiber, like cotton, in order to breath and not overheat the baby

  • It must be large, in order to wrap the baby correctly and to last a while

  • It must have a cool, hip pattern on it, because your baby deserves to look like a STYLISH burrito!
There are a lot of debates out there on whether you should swaddle babies these days. But if you ask me, it is a matter of a personal choice. To me it was an easy and natural way to sooth my kids. I saw that they needed it, and I gave it to them, in accordance with basic safety rules, of course. Like, never put your swaddling baby on its stomach. Duh??!! Or don't wrap your baby too tight. Again, duh??!!

And when the need for swaddling decreases, you will see it, you will feel it.
The baby will fight you, will kick more, will cry...And you will know- he/she has outgrew swaddling.

But even when that happened to me, I found myself using the swaddling sheet in so many other ways!

  • Covering the baby during nap time - lightweight and breathable, it was perfect for naps in an air conditioned room-  the baby wasn't cold and wasn't sweating either.

  • Covering up during breastfeeding. There comes the time for all breastfeeding new moms out there, when you are so exhausted and sleep-deprived, you don't care who sees your breasts anymore. The baby needs to eat? HERE. But let's face it - normal people, that are not super exhausted or sleep deprived,  feel just a little uncomfortable. So cover up with a light, cotton sheet, mommy!

  • Cover up in the stroller, cover up from the wind, cover up from the sunlight.

  • Set up an instant changing station anywhere.

  • Throw it in the diaper bag for "just in case". 

My swaddling sheet was the single most used item I had. 

With the exception of a sound machine, which my son still uses to this day and he is 5! Ha!

But if you out looking for some good swaddling sheet options, check out our new, ORGANIC cotton swaddling blankets with modern, fun, stylish patterns. Our swaddling sheets are large 36x40 and will work hard for you well after the baby's swaddling love affair is over.

Plus, our swaddling blankets come with 2 sizes ( what??!) baby hats in coordinating design, which makes this the ULTIMATE baby gift option if you have a baby shower to attend!

And to complete this swaddling memoirs of mine, I will leave you with this link to get your swaddling skills up and going! 

Get your swaddling blankets here and practice right now!


NewMomDesigns FAQ

I get a ton of questions from the Etsy crowd on a daily basis, and while I love chatting with my potential customers, I thought I'd make it easier for everyone ( hello, shy people!) by creating FAQ about my fabric and products.

Go ahead, see if your question is answered below.


  • Is your fabric woven or knit?
All the fabric we sell are woven. Please visit our Spoonflower shop for other variaties of fabric.

  • Is this fabric CERTIFIED organic? If yes, what agency has certified it?
My 12 designs here are GOTS certified, the issuing agency is OneCert.

  • Can I get a sample of some fabrics?
Yes, if we have a swatch/ small cuts of that particilar fabric in our studio, we will send you a free sample. Please contact us with your requests.

  • Do you have more than ___x___ yards of such and such fabric?
Yes, sometimes the listing says 1 yard available only, but please ask me if I have more. Most times I do!

  • I'd like to purchase 1/2 yard of ___x___ fabric. Is it possible?
All fabrics from the 12 designs here, can be purchased by fat quarters, 1/2 yards ( select 2 fat quarters)
I always send fabric uncut, in one continuous piece.

  • How wide are your fabrics?
All fabrics from the 12 designs here, are 58" wide. Others are 42" wide.


  • What is the turnaround times on custom items such as nursery crib set or toys?
If we are not crazy buzy, we ship all custom items 3 weeks after order.

  • Can you make Twin/ Full/ Queen/King size duvet from ____x___ fabric? 
If your fabric is one of the 12 designs here, then, YES! We can make any size duvets!

  • Can I have a duvet and 2 pillowcases? 
Our duvets come with 1 pillowcase. Any additional pillowcases are $20 each.

  • I want 2 different fabrics on my duvet. Is it possible?
Yes, combination of any 2 designs here in one duvet, cost $10 extra. It's like getting a second duvet for only $10.

  • Can you make Twin/Full/Queen/King size sheet set from ____x___ fabric? 
If your fabric is one of the 12 designs here, we can make TWIN sheet set ONLY! Sorry, our fabrics are simply not wide enough to accomodate seamless sheets of larger sizes.

  • Would it be possible to make this________ to fit my______?
  • In most cases, YES! We offer complete customization in sizes. Duvets, crib sheets, changing pad covers, pillowcases - all can be made according to your measurements.
  • Do you make crib skirts?
Yes, we do. Although, we currently have no pirctures/listings for crib skirts, we have done many as part of complete crib sets. Let's discuss your crib skirt! Prices start at $75.


  • How much is the shipping to____x______?
Our shipping rates depend on the weight of the order. So if you need an accurate shipping cost, please provide your full address + the amount of fabrics/products you are planning to purchase.

  • Can I get a discount?
YES! Excellent quetion! If you purchase multiple items, say, along with a crib bumper you want a blanket, crib sheet and a changing pad cover, PLEASE, contact us for a bundle price. We are happy to save you some green!
  • Do you take on wholesale accounts?
We can only offer certain items from our store for wholesale. Please contact us with your requests. Please mention what items you are interested in carrying.


Tooth Fairy Pillow - now with a note from a Fairy

Our beloved Tiny Tooth Fairy pillows now come with a tiny note from a fairy! 
She gently reminds to brush and floss.
The note is really tiny+super cute! and slides right into a pocket/door on the back of the house.