New Babysitter Tips and costs for hiring one

Babysitters - what would we do without them? Are you terrified to leave your kids with a new person? 
I was lucky enough to have 2 sets of parents ( mine and my husband's) who volunteered + kindly agreed, on other occasions, to babysit our kids while we were away. The kids love them and grandparents have had a chance to bond with them even closer. But if you are in a situation where no family member can help you out, be prepared with these neat tips to help a new babysitter. 

Learn everything you need to know about how much to pay a babysitter here.


Let's make cute baby things!

There are some many great fabrics-by-the-yard in the shop, but what to do with them? Here’s a roundup of some easy and adorable projects,  thanks to the Internet.

If you can sew a straight line, you can make this charming playmat. The Purl Bee has put together a tutorial, which even includes instructions for adding hand-quilting (a wonderfully peaceful task!)

Contoured burp cloths stay put better and they’re easy to make. Hop over to “Floating on Cloud9” for the free tutorial and pattern. 

Your little guy will be a little man when wearing a necktie onesie! There’s a free pattern and instructions. After you master the necktie, try a bowtie! 

Fun twirly skirt for a baby girl!

Soft Floor Cushion is a must when you have toddler around. They just love lugging it around, jumping on it, laying on it, hanging on it - you name it! Susan form "Living with Punks" provides a great tutorial!

And if you looking for some fun fabric, don't forget to check out NewMomDesigns.