How to use navy blue for girls rooms and nurseries

When it comes to decorating a nursery for a girl, you have millions of options: peach, pinks, golds and yellows and teals. Not many moms choose navy blue for baby girls. Yes, it is an intense color ,traditionally associated with boys, and it's tricky to work with. But when done right , the results can be very rewarding. If you are up for a challenge to make your girl's nursery unique, bold and pinterest-worthy, here are some tips on how to make deep navy blue work for you. 

Brighten the navy area with fun contasting color, like yellow or golden mustard. Pay attention to the type of pattern too. Better to choose playful and whimsical to dillute all the seriousness of a navy blue.

Another great color to combine navy blue with is white. Simple and dreamy navy/white combo will help you create a gender neutral nursery that can also be used as a guest room. Add variety of textures and patterns with different scales for a good balance.

Probably the most popular way to use navy for girls is to add a good amount of coral or peach to it.
Yes, this combo is lovely and it is also very useful when trying to transform a boy's nursery into a little girl's. No re-painting of the walls needed! Make sure to use some metallic gold accents for a bit of bling and reflection,  plus navy and gold is so classic.

You don't need to paint a whole wall in navy or have a wall-to-wall navy blue carpeting.. Sometimes less is more! Pepper the navy color throughout the room in small accents. A lamp, artwork, pillow or delicate navy pattern in bedding. Load with white, greys and beige to offset the dark accents.


What I want for Mother's Day

Here is the list of beautiful, hand-crafted items I wouldn't mind getting for Mother's Day or any other day for that matter.

From left to right:
Black Top - looks slimming and sexy
Leopard print Flats - because every woman needs a pair
Tote - can't have too many chic summer bags
Pink Cup - need this beauty in my life for my morning coffee
Stacking bracelets - just lovely!
Weekly Planner - I actually have this and LOVE it! Every momma needs one!


No more onesies, please! Or 13 must -have gifts for new moms

I admit, I was clueless as to what I needed for the baby when I found out I was pregnant.
I added a bunch of useless, but pretty-looking things to my baby registry - yes, it is very overwhelming for a newly pregnant and hormonal young woman to think clearly.
I am here today to share what items I was gratefull for and you would put on my baby list over and over!

Can you really have enough? No! If ever in doubt - get boxes and boxes of diapers ( in variety of sizes!)
I loved Pampers Swadller in the begining! So soft and cuddly! diapers.com


Yes, it is unconvertional gift, BUT you will forever be remembered as the person who gave the gift of a clean, orginized house... even for a couple days..
Young mothers are sleep-deprived zombies and babies are needy attention-seekers. Surely the house mess moves down on the priority list. New momma will be thrilled to have someone come and clean her house. Trust me! This gift NEVER fails!  use local cleaning service agency - reserve at least 2 appts.

This is essential for a new baby! And it can be pricey, so why not help out with a Gift Card to a trendy, cute, modern baby bedding site, where the expectant mom can select her baby's crib bedding or even order custom made pieces. NewMomDesigns -will work one-on-one to get the perfect nursery bedding for your friend!

Agaim, cannot stress it enough, but one day she will THANK YOU from the bottom of her heart for this thoughful gift of rest and beauty - this is something we really, really need to survive those first hard months of motherhood. Spa Finder


If you are on the budget, but want to contribute with a wonderful, memorable gift - give the gift ot babysitting time. Either arrange for someone trust-worthy to come in and take care of the baby for a few hours so the mommy can take a shower or a long bath, go to brunch or simply take that precious nap! Donate your own time if you have baby experience! It will be MOST appreciated!

Now for the actuall baby!

Give a gift of piece of mind with such an essential as a high-qualilty baby monitor to check upon a baby without going back abd forth. dropcam.com


Seems like a insignificant item, but imagine someone wiping your privates in the middle of the night
with a COLD wipe... Brhh... Not pleasant! Warm wipes are soft and tender and won't shock the baby into a fully awaken state in the wee hours.

This ingenious baby tub is so clever AND will satisfy your design-minded gals! It unfolds into a flat little thing when not in use, and you can hang it on the wall.  puj.com

Let's not forget older siblings and help out in that department as well. This sibling ride-along board is pretty much self-explanatory and cool! While you pushing your baby in the stroller, let the older one stand along! You won't be hold up with a slow stride, and the older child will feel included! UPPAbaby

Toss those flimsy, confusing rectal thermometers included in the first-aid baby kits. Invest in a dependable, high-quality ear thermometer that real pediatricians use. It is quick, accurate and simple to use. Will last your for years!

Make sure new parents travel and visit places in confort and ease. This portable, lightweight travel bed is well-ventilated, provides shade and will last beyond infantry. KidcoPeapod

This stylish and compact baby swing will blend in beautifully in any interior. Washable lining and MP3 plug-in. 4moms