While I am still busy with my new, exciting project ( more about it when I am done), I wanted to welcome the new followers to my blog. I know many of you have come from Modern Typography, where the lovely Melanie is holding a giveaway for 1 yard of Newmom Designs fabric.
The giveaway is ending tomorrow, so if you want to participate go over there and follow the instructions.
Meanwhile, here one great idea of how to use one of my fabrics:

One of my customers kindly send me this image yesterday. 
She used my "Dancing triangle" to reupholster her mid-century chair.
 I LOVE it!

What is your next fabric-related project? 


Custom Pillow for Less!

I have been so busy with current projects and happening, I have completely neglected my poor little blog!
Today I want to share one of the projects I have just completed. It is a customized version of this pillow I have in my Etsy shop. It was ordered for a little boy who is about to have his 2nd birthday. So, to make it extra special, I sneaked in a number 2, plus instead of making 3 pockets, I made 2 (velcro locked) little flaps that hold cute surprises inside.
Now, here is another news: if you can sew, and would like to make this pillow on your own, I will have the DIY kit available in my Etsy shop for $25. You will have all the perks of CUSTOM design - I will make all the adjustments, change the name, message, colors to make it perfect for you, then I will mail you a big sheet of fabric with all the details for you to cut out and sew! That's a custom piece/gift for $25! Should I say more??? LOL!


What keeps me busy these days...

I know my blogging has been .... well, pretty much absent... but there are exciting changes that are coming and I am working hard to make sure they happen. In more detail, I am building myself a little retail website where I will be selling my fabric as a real fabric shop. I am in a process of establishing some business relationships with oversea manufacturers to produce my designs on certified organic cotton with low chemical dyes. And all this at affordable price for my dear buyers. So as you can see I have my work cut out for me :))
Meanwhile, check out this cute lunch bag made out of my fabric "Country Cats":

 Adorable, right? And available for sale in this Etsy shop.