A bed for the princess

I've decided to purchase a twin size bed for Alina. We sort of skipping the toddler bed, because is already 3 and will outgrow it quickly. Right now she is sleeping on the futon because during the transition from crib I was very pregnant with Alan and was not able to properly prep her for the process. So basically I had to lay down with her and wait until she was asleep, then quietly slip away from her bedroom. This futon was convenient - we both fit comfortably, it is low, in case she was to fall over, and it is very compact when not in use. The best quality - it is SO comfortable to sleep on, and it was very reasonably priced. But... I want a real bed for her, plus the futon is needed when we have my mom stays over. I stumbled upon some good-looking options, but most of them are kind of pricey. I don't want to spend more than $300. Also,still not sure which direction I want to go: modern, vintage or contemporary country. I guess when I see it, I'll know:) Here is everything I found today, including high-priced items:

This is a great modern bed. I love plywood furniture for kids. ( Ecotots)

Another similar bed.

Love the color, and the cottage feel of it. (Young America Furniture)

I am drooling over this one! Color is delicious, Simple clean lines+ panels= beauty!

Another cottage bed. I like the simplicity and clean lines of the bed panels.
This is a great alternative to the bed above it, and it actually fits my budget. Perhaps, I could paint it myself into one of those delicious colors ;)

You going to have to block out the horrible bedding on this picture, I like just the bed + color. This is within my budget
( Hillsdale GreenMolly Bed)

Same bed, in white
( Hillsdale White Molly Bed)

That's all that caught my eye today, I'll keep looking for some more options.

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