My favorite steak

When it comes to meat I am not as picky as I am with some other foods. I won't freak out if a steak is overcooked and somewhat dry, I will eat it just fine.BUT... my husband is not me. He must have his meat nice and juicy AND almost well-done, which is practically impossible.Therefore I am on constant lookout for a fool-proof juicy steak recipe that will make my hubby singing praises.Well, today was pretty pretty close, he gave two thumbs up!:)
Here is what I've done.

My favorite skirt steak recipe, not really a recipe, just 3 simple steps ;)

1)The day before I marinated a SKIRT STEAK in the mixture of following: cooking oil + soy sauce in equal parts, garlic, salt, pepper to taste.

2) Next day, for lunchtime, I just threw it onto the grill ( it is actually a panini maker, but it works great on chicken and steaks of reasonable thickness :) for around 5 min. ( note, I had the heat coming from both sides, if using regular grill or pan, flip to cook another side until desired doneness)
That's it!! REALLY!

3) After a few minutes rest, I sliced it and made a killer sandwich for my hubby, then nibbled on these super juicy pieces all afternoon. It was completely cooked just as we like it ( no pink) BUT the juiciness was so overwhelming, I couldn't get enough of it!

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