Have you started your gift shopping?

I found this adorable mini bowling set on Etsy and immediately decided that I have started my holidays gift shopping. Here are a few of my favorite kids related items from Etsy. 

I pre-ordered this for my kids. Boy, do they love to smash things and see them falling... 
Don't they all??

And how enchanting is this??? 3-D fairytale or something...

What about this cute little guy? I am sure he is looking for a loving home this year... ;)

I love everything from this store! Really. Having a hard time selecting what to buy...

More to come soon, I have to go do something about this annoying cold that's been just killing me over the last 3 days, starting right after our Thanksgiving dinner. Oh, Thanks winter season - 3 days terribly sick, all by myself with 2 little kids cooped up in the house is exactly what I needed ;)


  1. So beautiful! I love everything you have chosen - the 3-D Fairytale is just amazing!!! Thank you so much for featuring (and purchasing) my bowling set. Knocking stuff down IS fun - even for my 13 year-old (though he would never admit it)! Happy Holidays!
    -Kelly (aka MuddyFeet)

  2. Thanks MuddyFeet for your sweet comment!