Time Travel....on fabric

This week Spoonflower's upcoming contest theme is " Time Travel".

The first and only thing I had on my mind when I started thinking about it was a movie " Time Machine", then " Time Traveler's Wife" book joined in ( one of my favorites by the way ;)
But still I had no idea how to translate it into fabric. The ideas were either too tacky, too complicated or too Disney.
And then it hit me! "All aboard!"
Those of you who have toddlers and "PBS kids" channel will understand me. :)))
There is this cartoon " Dinosaur Train" that runs every weekday and both my children watch it. The idea is that there is a time traveling train that takes dinosaur families through different periods of prehistoric era. They make lots of friends while exploring a variety of species that roamed the earth a very long time ago. So in this cartoon, time traveling is just a train ticket away. And that's the idea I decided to use for my fabric.
So... having-to-watch-kids-channel-until-the-catchy-songs-stuck-in-my-head has finally paid off!
Here are two colorways of my fabric (one of these will be entered in the contest today):
Which of the two do you like?
Update: Up for sale here: http://www.etsy.com/shop/NewMomDesigns




  1. hellow fellow spoonflowerian...your designs are amazing, this one especially! this one gets my vote! love your blog!

  2. Oh, coming from you, Holli, it's a huge compliment, as I am a big fan of your designs!
    Glad to have you here on my little blog ;)