Why I've been absent + I need a rug!

I feel terrible for neglecting you, my precious blog and dear readers. Here are some reasons why that happened:

  • Holidays
  • My daughter home for the winter ( not attending daycare due to never-ending sneezy-nose-running- coughing colds she brings home during the cold months) So 2 toddlers running in a house all day long!
  • My fabric design passion just getting stronger and I find myself using every opportunity to design, or at least scribble down all the ideas flying around in my head :))
  • My Etsy shop - to expose all that's been created.
  • Upcoming basement renovation - preparation for it, research and well.... more designing! 
So I will try to post as often as I can - just bear with me :)

Right now, as all my family sleeps, I am sitting at my laptop, waiting for my stubborn hair to finally dry so I can go to bed. This is a good time to research and buy items that I need around the house. For example, I desperately need an area rug by my side of the bed. Our beautiful cherry wood floors are ICY cold during winter and my husband's need/habit to sleep in a very very cool room ( otherwise he gets a headache and cannot sleep) does not help either. Anyways, I was looking for a not-super expensive rug that would fit lovely within our bedroom decor. Here are a few from Overstock that caught my eye ( in the preference order):

Like the colors and patterns on this one
Love the texture and colors here

More of a safe choice, but the colors are great and I like the large scale of it

This one has a subtle beauty, love the pattern 

(all my choices are strictly mine and I am not getting paid for posting about these items from Overstock)

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