I am a semi-finalist!!!

So I have been absent for a loooong time, sorry!!!!
But I have a good news to share: out of nearly 1000 entries on Project Selvage contest, I got into the top 75 semi-finalists! Big Yey!!! Here is my entry for the "Baby Boy" fabric design that passed into the next round:

The top 75 designs were selected by Spoonflower and M. Miller judges, now the voting is open to everyone, to select the top 10. 
This is where it gets tricky - a lot of people use every possible social media to advertise their designs and practically beg for votes, some even host giveaways in exchange for votes ( !!!) Now, I don't see anything wrong with announcing the news about the contest and displaying one's design while providing a link to the voting page, however if someone wins just for the sole reason of having tons of friends and followers on Facebook who vote as a favor, that's not fair. It's a big contest and for some talented designers out there this win could the big break, a life-altering opportunity, and I think it should be well-deserved, not well-promoted. Oh, well, we'll see what happens...
Either way, I have started to work on some coordinates for my entry design, so no matter what the results would be, I'd have complete collection of "Baby Boy" fabric coming to my shop.
Now, if you genuinely like my design and want to see it pass to the next round, you can vote for it here.


  1. congrats elvina! and i too am a bit sad about the manipulation of votes and that there were'nt any restrictions set up within the contest rules. i would like to see the winner emerge with fair and honest votes, because it would be SO life changing!
    with that said...i wish you much luck, and how exciting to be a finalist!

  2. Many congratulations! You did brilliantly to make it into the top 75. I think that makes you in something like the top 7.5%!!! Mine didn't make it - "sob" - but I am not surprised. The standard was very high. Good luck in the next round.

  3. Thank you sooo much for your support and all the kind words you send my way! I really appreciate it!!