The very best wishes to you, my friend!

Today is a special day.Today is a birthday of my very special friend. She truly is the nicest person I have ever met. Not only she is beautiful as a young woman,but she radiates this sort of magical beauty from the inside,which makes people to fall in love with her instantly. Her tact and patience and politeness have no limits, I've never seen her aggravated or rude no matter what the situation is. Just a decently good person all the way to the core, which is so rare these days.
Dear Nadya,
Happy Birthday, my friend!
Your positivity, openness,sweetness and endless creativity inspire me always!
I am honored to be your friend and wish to be more like you everyday :)
May all your dreams come true, as they are pure and selfless and kind. 
S dnem rozshdeniya!

P.S. I was so bummed we could not make it today to share this day with you guys. Really hope to see you soon. ;)


  1. Thank you for the most beautiful wishes. I am so touched and humbled by your words. I hope to be 10% of how you described me. I am honored to be part of your life and to be your friend. I miss you and hope to see you soon.

    ps, I posted this before, but I don't think it went through:(

  2. of course, I failed to enter the encrypted words the first time around, sorry for the delay.