The course of life

Yesterday my grandfather passed away. I am now grandparents-less.
We had a funeral today, and it is just kind of a sad day all around. This was my first funeral ever, and I could not imagine a more depressing environment than a memorial home.
My grandfather was a tough cookie. Straightforward, responsible, honest to the bones and very disciplined. I remember living with him and grandma for almost a year, my family moved and switching schools in the middle of the school year was problematic. So I stayed with them to finish it. I was in a 2nd or 3rd grade, and at that time I remember him as a strong, powerful, tough man with sharp mind and memory. He helped me with my homework a lot, and disciplined me, taught me to be neat and organized - qualities that he possessed until his last days.They  immigrated to America when I was 12, and the next time I saw him was in 5 years. He looked aged, of course, but I immediately recognized that same steel spirit and sharpness.He seemed a lot more approachable and softer (?) , or maybe it was just me, all grown up, having an adult conversation with him. A few years after we settled in, it was me helping him with his paperwork, making phone calls and resolving issues with whatever. But not that much. He was totally independent, and refused to ask for help, unless it was really necessary. His mind and memory never left him, ( well over 80!) he never forgot anyone's birthday, names of our spouses, children, etc.
He was my grandpa, a root that started this family, that started me, in a sense.
I hope he is in a better place now, reunited with my grandma somewhere up there. We will miss you both.

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