It's Gourds Time!

So my obsession with Spoonflower is still going strong. As I said before, I really want to win one of the weekly challenges, and I haven't so far, but I like it, because it keeps me motivated and productive in fabric designs. Tons of ideas are flying in my head, if only I had the time to explore each one... But I'll tell you one thing- sooner or later I will open an Etsy shop where all my best ideas will come to life and will be up for sale ;) Soon.... soon... Meanwhile, I am in the top ten this week, the theme was "Gourds" - basically, a pumpkin ;) Here is my design that took home SECOND place, YEY!

Check out the winner and the top ten of this week, and go vote for me in the next contest " Vampires" ! Ohhhhh!

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