Giveaway goes to...everyone!

Ok, let's face it - I have neglected my blog for a while, so it's no surprise there were only 2 comments in my giveaway post. But.... on the other hand - it's great! Because I don't have to choose, I can reward BOTH of my loyal readers with this calendar! Yey!
Thank you, Holli and a lovely UK student aka "Time for lunch" ( sorry I could not find you name anywhere ) for visiting and reading my blog! You both will receive my Blue Bunnies Calendar, please email me your addresses.


  1. I love your work! I tried to comment on the other post just now, saying I was sorry I was too late. Your work is fantastic!

  2. yea! thanks!...at least you had two posts...my first giveaway was a bust.
    holli zollinger
    460 North 300 East
    Tremonton, Utah
    thanks again...awaiting its arrival!