Virtual and Real Renovations

Yesterday I spend most of my day doing research, learning, promoting, updating my Etsy shop. So much work to be done!!! But the main thing I needed to change was my banner  - don't know what I was thinking when I created it - it was just so... not me. Well, now there is a brand new banner that represents me a lot better at the moment. Perhaps, in a few months I'll say "don't know what I was thinking..." but, for now I like it.
 Check it out the rest of the store here: http://www.etsy.com/shop/NewMomDesigns
My taste, design vision and preferences constantly evolve and change, which is a good thing, so I am always looking forward to future projects and design opportunities to try out my new, exciting ideas.

Speaking of which, our current project "Basement Renovation" is well on the way. Due, to my recent "blog-neglect-phase", I totally forgot to post anything about it. Well, here is the story:
We have a basement. With ridiculously low ceilings. Like, 6'4". I know!!! Unbelievable, right?
Anyways, for the longest time we have debated whether or not it is worth to renovate it with such ceilings. At first, there was an idea of digging up the floors, a foot or so at least, so we could gain some room above our heads. Bun then it became clear that this is such a costly process that it was simply not worth the money, time and construction labor. 
At the end, we have decided to renovate the basement anyway, but to the bare minimum. My laundry area was simply disgusting, the rest of it was dark, dirty, unused, wasted, to say the least.

Here what we are getting from renovating it:

- Nice, clean, organized laundry ROOM
- Tons of usable storage ( where you can actually use the items after they've been stored there)
- Separate boiler room ( enclosed, fireproofed and everything ;)
- MY VERY OWN STUDIO!!!! Well, it's a corner with a big desk and shelves, but I prefer to call it my studio. ( currently I do everything at the kitchen island on my laptop)
- Big open area for kids to play!
- Exercise area with treadmill, weights, and stretching area.
 - Powder room

And all of this has to happen with a minimum budget. We will try to re-use a lot of things from our house, the rest is purchased though HomeDepot. Will post during, and after photos, so keep checking...

Meanwhile, it is still not too late to enter in my Calendar giveaway which will end this Thursday, Feb 3rd. :)) http://manylittlethingsmakemehappy.blogspot.com/2011/01/first-giveaway.html

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