Dumplings with Asian flair!

Today I want to share with you another one of my life-saving recipes - Dumplings with Asian flair. I call them this because I know they are not authentic Asian dumpings and I don't want to confuse those who are seeking for truly Chinese original dumpling recipe. I sort of came up with this by reading here and there, and then experimenting on my own.  Everyone who tried them loves them, and I just made it work for us. It is easily adjustable for your taste too, please feel free to replace ingredients and adding whatever you like. I make a big batch and freeze them for future use. SO CONVENIENT! :)))

Basically you need the following:

- Ground meat ( I use chicken+beef mix, but feel free to use what you like ) 3lb
- Chinese cabbage - 1/2 shredded
-Wonton wraps ( I prefer Nasoya brand, really soft and thin and easy to work with, refrigerator isle in supermarkets) 2-3 packages
- Ginger - 2 in piece, grated
- Garlic - 4-5cloves, grated
- Soy sauce
-Cooking spray ( can be substituted with regular oil)
-Olive oil or other cooking oil
-Salt, pepper
-Water in a small bowl for sealing dumpling

- Soy sauce
- Olive oil
- Fresh scallions
Mix 1:1 ration, say sauce and oil, then add the chopped scallions.

1) Mix meat(s), shredded cabbage, garlic, ginger, salt, pepper to taste, splash of soy sauce.
2) Spray the surface for storing assembled dumplings with cooking oil, or grease with regular oil
3)Spread a few wontons on the working area and damp the edges with your fingers according to the pictures below ( 6&7)

You have to work quickly, you don't want the wonton squares to start hardening at the edges. Put a little of meat mixture in the center, bring two corners together - seal, then other two corners - seal. See picture 9 & 10. This is how I do it, if you find it easier for you to do it some other way, please do it.
After you have completed 5-6 dumplings, transfer them on the greased steamer/platter and cover with damp paper towels. Wontons wraps that are still in the open package waiting to be used, must be covered too to avoid hardening at edges.

I like to work in batches of 5-6 dumplings at the time, this way it feels like a production line without letting the wraps to get dry.
Picture 12 shows the assembled dumpling ready for freezing, when they are hard enough, I put them in a plastic bag. ( pic 15)

Picture 14 shows my dumplings lining up the steamer for our dinner ;)

Once the dumplings are cooked ( 20-25 min in a steamer on med heat), dump them, while still hot, in a big bowl with sauce on the bottom, mix well to coat.


This is such a life-saver when you have no time to cook, or ran out of everything, or have sudden guests.
As I mentioned earlier, this is what works for us, but the options are limitless: you can make it with pork, you can add other spices, hot flakes, you can make it vegan by using cabbage, carrots, zucchini, you can add shrimp, scallops, etc..


  1. I love your posts! They're so helpful because you have all these pictures to explain your steps (and numbered too!). I'll be trying your recipes soon.

  2. I am looking and thinking wow I am hungry and could probably eat that entire batch on my own. Shopping I must go I have some creative juices going and I must eat.

  3. Thank you guys! I hope you try it! :)

  4. Made this tonight. Added some pork to the mix. Came our phenomenal. No left overs!