The story of my new rug

Last week I ordered this rug from West Elm - Pebble Rug in Winter Sky. It looked luscious and heavenly soft under foot. Plus, it was huge 9x12, 100% wool, all under $700.

When it arrived yesterday, I almost squealed from excitement! It covered our living/seating area from edge to edge, was really soft and it was fun to walk on these feet-massaging wool pebbles. So as I am starring at my new rug, a small seed of doubt slowly but surely start to creep up. 
- The color is too muted and thelack of pattern creates a heavy, solid block of dingy color on the floor. My living room desperately needs fresh, bright boost of color/pattern. And I realized that this rug was the opposite of what I needed. Also, the pebbles are not as tightly placed as I thought, and I could already see the crumbs, cereal, berries from my kids snacking, are being trapped in the thickness of the rug. And so this 70lb giant had go back. Thanks to an excellent customer service of West Elm, UPS picked it up today. Whooh!

Now, here is the next candidate  - Indus Valley from RugsUsa.com
( I really, really, really hope I don't have to return this one!)

It looks like it is a much better option - fresh colors, geometric pattern, 100% wool, hand-knotted, and on SALE! It is smaller than the first one, but I like this size better. I like having the edges of our seating area as wood flooring and the center covered with a rug, just like we have now. Looks proportioned and defines the area rather than just covers it. So bigger is not always better, I learned.
Cannot wait for it to arrive!

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