Backyard is back on the plate!

I cannot believe it is June 7th already! Time flies and before we know it, summer will be over. Oh, well, more reason to stick to my plans and make sure my summer resolutions are making their way into the reality.
My report

Etsy shop:  Number of items has gone up from 23 to 43. I have been working all day today, editing photos and creating new listings. Yey!

Weight Loss: Eating smaller portions for 3 days now. Today I did a 30 min workout along with a TV fitness show.

My railing painting project is on hold again. Too hot and humid +  I lost my brush.

As if I didn't have a long enough to-do list, I actually found myself another little project. See, we have a swing in our backyard,  and during this winter heavy storms, the roof of the swing got broken and and spend the remaining days buried under the tall piles of snow. Due to harsh weather and, frankly, our neglect, our swing now is totally roofless. And that's no fun. That was the one place to hide from the sun - we have no other shade available. So obviously, I came up with the idea of making a new awning for the swing out of some cool fabric. Here is what I decided on:
I figured the grey will match the existing swing frame, while greens and tangerines will give me good opportunities to introduce more color and accessories to our very bare backyard. I plan on adding some colorful plant pots, bench cushions and pillows. The fabric has shipped already and I cannot wait!

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