How to create a gallery wall - Part 3 ( Installation)

So it has been a while since I posted any updates on my gallery wall. At first, I thought I would hold until I have all my artwork selected and framed. But then, I realized it is much easier to select an artwork for frames that are already up on the wall. That way you can see exactly what you are missing and correct it: color, scale, proportions, balance.
So without further delays, here is the final part of the gallery wall installation showing how I got
 from here to here:

As I mentioned before, I had to re-arrange my layout due to new frame sizes and a ledge I pick up at IKea.

The ledge was the first to go up on the wall, and immediately I encountered a major problem: I had no ordinary Sheetrock construction on that wall ( adjacent to my neighbor house) but PURE CONCRETE! 

Look at all that black powdered debris that came out of the almost-impossible-to-drill holes!

 Somehow with the help of my dear hubby, I managed to make 3 holes, all aligned, and hang the ledge. But I dreaded the thought of drilling 10+ more holes on that wall, so I started thinking.... and came up with this:

Believe it not, with a bit of force, this little guy went into the concrete wall and held a tight grip! I mean, it was stuck there dead! I could hang off of it and wouldn't budge! Made me really happy :)) I hammered them quickly almost flush with the wall,  leaving a tiny gap between its wide top and a wall. The gap was just big enough to catch the metal wire of the frame, and the flat wide top of this nail keeps the wire from slipping out.

My thumbs were literally in pain and swollen after making 10 of these metal wire V's...

Then, one by one, I started to hang the real frames right over the paper-ones, to make sure I get exact location and alignment.

 When satisfied with the look, I would rip the paper off and slip a couple of these ( 3M Command Poster Adhesive Strip Value Pack) on the back, just for the extra stability and security, and a little piece of mind around the kids...

And here it is... My gallery wall completed! Well, almost.. As I said earlier, it will be much easier to fill in the blanks now that I can see visually my layout and all the available spots.
It is a bit on the higher side, just to keep under control my kids temptation to to touch/pull/draw on/ spill on/rip off... should I continue? Lol!!
I am sure I can take a better picture too, but let's keep it for when I have all the artwork+photos in place.
 It will be a grand reveal, right?

Now...what should I do with those peachy walls? Hmmm..

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  1. came out nice! I would love to see the detail of the big print. The ledge is a nice addition too. Hm, peach walls:)