Sleep no more -Trip Report

And so went to see the show....
Was it everything I expected it to be and more? Hell, yes!
This experience left even the most skeptical people among our group quite emotional and inspired.
 I have to be honest, at first I was scared to death of the thought that I might have to be split up from my friends for any amount of time, this is common, as the creators of theshow encourage to go separate ways to get the fullest and the most unique experience... Thankfully, we all ended up in the same group together, and even though we could not talk during ANY time, just the close proximity of  friends and a husband gave me the courage to wonder around the dark, weird, unexpected,  sometimes plain scary and nerve-wracking scenes of this haunted-like 5-story building.
It is quite an incredible experience... Design of each space is meticulously crafted to wake up all your senses. Scenery, light, smell, even air temperature is carefully selected to work best for each room. One minute you are in a cemetery, the next - in a bedroom. All of sudden, you hear a loud stump! Someone is running by you... and you just follow quickly... up the stairs...down the stairs..
what's there?
Someone is dead on floor...
Mystery unravels before you, just to bring more questions into your head...
Beautiful, puzzling and exciting all the time...

We planned to stay an hour or so, but ended up walking around for 3 hours and still missed some scenes...
If you are in NY, I highly recommend you seeing this show... You don't even have to know Macbeth to enjoy it, I promise!

And yes, you do get to keep the masks! :)


  1. A friend of mine was JUST telling me about this show. Thanks for writing about it, this is a great reminder to stop stalling and buy tickets!

  2. Oh, yes, go ahead and buy those tickets! The show ends in September, i think... Thanks for commenting!