What to do with kids artwork?

Yesterday I got a bit tired of looking at the empty frames on my wall, waiting for the inspiration to strike. 
I decided to take action and use what I have in the house to fill up a few spots.

Guess what this is?

If you guessed "your daughter's first watercolor painting",  you guessed right!

She did it last year, when she was 3 y.o., and I found them fascinating, and kept them in special folder.
She painted a few pages in a regular ruled composition book, and I cut out the irregular shapes and pasted them together on a white background.

Looks like a great abstract piece of art! 

Here is another example:
These were done with colored markers.
Simple and effective!

How do you display your kids art? Leave a comment ;)


  1. Fantastic. What a great idea to cut out the shape and also leaver the rulers. How big did you print the watercolor?

  2. Thanks! Well, I simply pasted the originals on the white background, no printing involved! It filled 12"x16" frame ;)