Productive Day

I had such a productive day yesterday, it made me happy .
Here is a little glimpse of what I was up to:

I still have to put a second coat of paint and select the fabric, most likely it will be the Rainy Clouds

Then I went on to work on my Living room gallery wall, virtually...
I left some frames empty as I still have to create photo collages of our kids. I found some new artwork pieces which I will share with you later, after the wall is complete. I think it is coming along pretty nice... 

Then it was time for dinner, I craved fish cakes like crazy!! Coated in crunchy Panko crumbs, 
hmmm, yummy!

Oh, almost forgot, yesterday I was contacted by a french blogger who, as she said, "had a crush on my fabric shop", so sweet!!
She featured my shop on her blog here if you want to check in out and practice your french.

Off to the IKEA to pick up some frames... 

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