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I don't know why when it comes to Facebook I feel like a complete idiot and computer illiterate person! First, I want to say that I was not into it from the beginning and now I feel like I am totally left behind. Many simply say it is a MUST to promote and network via FB, but any inklings that I had to properly set up the account would quickly die after I'd run into some technical issue. Personal accounts, business pages, groups, likes, follow me, poke me, usernames and a wall and news feeds would all tangle up into an impossible mess.
Today I really gave it some time, and after a while with a help of a friend, I have finally set it up.... I think...

So please give a warm welcome to my new Facebook page for NewMomDesigns. Use the link or the button  to get there and like me! :))

Happy 4th everyone! Let's get those grills on!


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