Living Room Makeover -Gallery Wall Artwork ( Reclaim Series)

I am very thankful to this blog and my weekly Reclaim Series, as it really keeps me motivated to work on the upgrade of my living room. I often thank Heavens for Etsy, not sure what sources I would have used otherwise, but it is a GREAT place for original artwork and unique pieces to beautify one's home ( vintage finds are awesome!! if only my hubby wasn't so opposed to it...)
 Anyways, recently I have found another great source for original artwork - Society6. You can see work by tons of talented artists, and have your selected artwork in either a print, stretched canvas, a T-shirt, and even as a  hard phone case or an  iPad/iPhone/Laptop skin.
 Isn't great?!!
 I could spend another century browsing, sorting, re-selecting potential artwork for my gallery wall, but I have a life to live.... so I will make it quick and painless ( I can always replace those we get tired of, because I am not spending a fortune here ;))

Here is a little collage of what has cought my eye ( both from Etsy and Society6):

I know these are such different pieces and I have to sort out more to get a more cohesive look, but this is a FIRST draft just to get this going...
I sort of wanted to create something dreamy and light, but I also like a little humor, and of course photos of my kids! Not sure how I am going to tie it all together though... Hmmm...

Artwork from left to right:
1. 2. 3. 4 5 6  8 9  ( sorry #3, I am trying to find the source!!)

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