How to create a gallery wall - Part 1 ( Layout)

While I am still looking and searching and sorting for a potential artwork that will go on my gallery wall, I thought I'd share with you the process of the layout.

I started by deciding what sizes of frames would look good on my giant wall. The answer: mostly large, affordable, thin frames, white color, by IKEA. So by looking up the frames section of the IKEA website, I figured the following sizes should work for me:
good mix of 20"x28", 20"x16", 20"x9",16"x12", 10"x10", + a couple of existing small ones I am planning to spray white.
First, I created full scale shapes of the  future frames by piecing together plain white printing paper. I started with larger ones, 20"x28". 
Put them on the floor, made a couple of smaller ones, put them right next to the large ones. Then it was just a lot of eyeballing and moving around action...One by one, I kept piecing together rectangles and squares of the sizes suitable for the next spot.

Example of the shape I was talking about...

It is also helpful to create visual boundaries on the wall you are planning to accessorize. A couple of  masking tape pieces will do the trick:

Measure the distance. Then, when you are assembling your collection on the floor, you will have a specific number to reach. Mine was 136 inches!

It started small.... I just kept adding one by one...

Then my collection grew...

And grew some more...

When you are satisfied, take good pictures. You will be able to recreate this layout later when all artwork/photos are framed and ready for hanging.

Off to search some artwork and sort through tons of photos....

Question: If the kids are 3-4 years old, can I still put their baby pictures on the wall? Or is it too late and too weird?

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  1. it's never too late! a good photo is timeless.

  2. I think I have to agree with you on that:)))