Inspiration - modern fence

This company has many modern fence designs in their portfolio, too bad they are all the way in California :(

Another Ipe Fence

How cool is that bench?!

I absolutly love this Ipe Fence
As we decided to update our backyard, I've started to collect images of cool, contemporary outdoor spaces/ elements to get some inspiration.

Our backyard design has to be an organical extention of our house and our lifestyle. It has to be practical too, and pretty, and easy to maintain, and pleasant for our all our family members who spend time there. Oh, did I mentioned easy on the wallet? Yea, that too! So, many debates, hours of research, and tons of phone calls later, we dived into the process.
I want to share some of the images I've collected, perhaps they will help you too. Most of them feature modern fences.
A couple of pics dont show the source, sorry, I am working on it.


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