My perfect cup of coffee!

I have to admit, for a coffee lover I've been drinking instant coffee way too long. But, finally a real Turkish coffee pot has joined my team of kitchen gadgets! And it is sooo pretty! Thick heavy metal walls allow for a slow even heat distribution. And a long intricate golden handle is beautiful, and stays cool.

Making coffee in the morning has certainly became a pleasant ceremony: carefully measuring the finely ground coffee, filling the pot with cold water and arranging it on the smallest burner with a lowest heat. Then....just wait. Wait until the water heats and a wonderful coffee aroma fills your kitchen. Then slightly stir once in a while -that's what creates that yummy light brown foam on top, and wait some more... Then, 10-12 min later, when the pot appears steamy, the foam has darkened, and almost breathing, right before it reaches the boiling point, turn off the heat and S-l-o-w-l-y pour into a cup. Enjoy!

I also add some cream to wake up my taste buds ;)

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