Birthday Girl

Today is my little girl's birthday! Exactly 3 years ago, she came into my life and changed it forever. She is sweet and smart and so loving! Yes, she may be difficult at times but what toddler isn't? I am lucky to have her and would not want any other girl.
 I hope she grows up happy and  feeling loved, makes smart decisions, meets loyal friends and that no matter what, her family will always come first.
Tonight we are making a little family gathering due to 2 reasons: 1) Alina's actual Birth Day 2) Alina's uncle ( my husbands brother) is leaving for Israel for two weeks and we just want to wish him good luck

Also, Alina's daycare will be celebrating her birthday as well, I am coming too, along with Alan and my mom. And I am bringing cupcakes I made + favors for the kids. So we have a busy day celebrating!

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