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I have been feeling somewhat uninspired & scattered these past a couple days, hence, the light blogging. I have all these ideas and tasks flying in my head, but I was simply unable to stop and concentrate on a single thing. The first and foremost:
-Alina's Birthday coming up ( Aug 17, but celebration is on 21st) This year we are gathering a small, really close group of people, basically just an immediate family and celebrating on Saturday morning in our newly renovated backyard. At this point we don't really have many friends with kids, some are just starting the process, others have really small babies, therefore, instead of a big party full of adults ( which is no fun for a 3-year-old) we have decided to keep it small this year, but cute and fun nevertheless. My job is to make sure the place is well-decorated, kids are entertained, adults get along and have a great time.  And that's what my head is preoccupied with right now.
  • decide on the cake design/flavor
  • purchase all the birthday accessories such as tablecloth, napkins, balloons, disposable dinnerware.
  • come up with activities/games/ entertainment for kids ( should be 5 kids total, including 2 of mine)
  • finish all decorations
I am sure I am forgetting something....

There are also some unfinished projects that await for my attendance, like,
  • sealing the outdoor tile in the backyard before summer ends
  • repaint our front porch railing and door frame
  • sealing the front door to preserve finish
And some new projects that are coming up:
  • make bench cushions for our extra-long :) backyard bench
  • plant something in our new backyard flower bed
  • make draperies for our master bedroom
  • make draperies for our living room
  • make draperies for Alan's room
  • make new crib sheet for Alan
Hopefully, I will get back my ability to focus and be efficient soon, and will finally conqure all the items above.

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