Homemade Chinese

I love making Chinese food at home. Recently I have discovered a great source for delicious asian recipes - Appetite for China.  General Tso's Chicken is the first recipe I tried, and it turned out so well, I made it again a few days later. I pretty much followed the entire recipe except the sesame oil. I just....well...I...dont...really....like...it  - dont judge! Perhaps, together with so many ingredients I would not really taste it, but I did not want to risk it. So a little splash of vegetable oil did the trick. Otherwise, the recipe is perfect, hope you enjoy it!

Thanks Appetite for China!

* Update: To get to the actual recipe click on "Appetite for China" above highlighted in blue. I did not see the point of retyping the exact recipe here - link is easier :) My only change from the original is that I add red bell pepper to the mix, just to get more fiber into the meal.


  1. I just made orange chicken not too long ago and am already craving more Chinese food at home. Thanks for sharing the link! This dish looks fantastic.

  2. oh my goodness this looks AMAZING! I have reached a cooking low lately and DESPERATELY need new recipes that are easy!
    Love your blog - love reading mummies who are in similar boats from the other side of the world! so interesting


  3. Thank you, dear readers, for your sweet comments! You cannot imagine what it means to me that someone actually reads and likes my blog!

  4. mmmmm this looks so good!! maybe a dumb question but where is the recipie to this on here?

  5. Dear anonymous reader,
    I have provided a link to the recipe above. Perhaps it is a little easier to find it now, I hope you try this and report your results! ;)))