What to give to a 3-year-old boy for his birthday?

My daughter got invited to the very first birthday party. It's her daycare buddy, and he is going to turn 3! WIth all the excitement and explanation to Alina of what a birthday party is going to be like, I totally forgot about THE birthday present until today.Thankfully, I still have 6 days to get something special. Ok, so I am thinking: he is 3, he is a boy, what does he want? Quick search online, and I stumbled upon a great webstore - Oompa. The have a huge selection of toys that are eco-friendly, made in the USA, made in Europe, and just simply unique and adorable! There are too many to post here, just go to their website and see for yourself. Here is what we got for the little birthday boy:

E-Truck looks totally awesome! Modern and well-designed to last.

Forest Friends Block Puzzle has 6 pictures to put together! My daughter loves this kind of puzzles!

Because you can never have enough of colored pencils, and these require no sharpener!
 ( though Oompa has really cute pencil sharpeners ;)

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