My new obsession

It has been a while since I blogged, but I kind of had a really busy week. All the preparations for Alina's birthday party, which took place this past Saturday in our backyard, sucked all the juices out of me. I guess a party with 14 people, 2 kids, all homemade food, hadmade cake, crafty decorations CAN be tricky and a bit stressful. I should remember it for the future. But thanks to my family - clean up was a breeze!
Now, you know how I like fabrics? I am always on a lookout for some fabric cuteness ( plus still looking for the perfect ( by that I mean great looking, good quality, affordable) fabric for master bedroom. Check out what I found  - Spoonflower . You can design your own fabric and they will print it for you, pretty affordable too. Or you can browse through hundreds of other people's design and buy it.  Plus, they hold weekly contests which everyone can enter. Simply create an account and sumbit your design based on a particular theme. Then people vote and the winner is announced the following week. I could not resist entering this weeks contest "tractors", here is what I submitted - go vote for me starting September 1st!

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